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Started in the year 2001, Satyajit Sharma has grown rapidly from an editor to director and producer. He is a passionate traveller, adventurer and a filmmaker. He has created brand stories through engaging, emotive and effective video content. Having excellent sense of Rhythm & Pace and invisible art he can do magic with still and video footages converting into a well-structured story telling video or film.

Feel free to connect over social media or email us for any travel & adventure or filmmaking tips, information or quote for any professional work be it be shooting, editing, direction or production of a documentary films, corporate films or a film on your travelling & adventure. We can act as the creative spark to any idea or concept. Be sure to bookmark / follow us over YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter and we hope you enjoy your stay!


 To ensure the success of our films, we work closely with our clients to set deadlines, understand client’s brief and their requirement for any film production. As a full service offer we identify the audience and do recce, develop concept, screenplay, treatment note, script, design production & post production, propose distribution channels etc.

We produce films both fiction and non-fiction of various genres. Our projects include documentary films, corporate films and short films. It could be a case study film or a biographical film too.

We provide production services to both public and private sector that include GoI ministries, television channels, corporate companies, NGO’s, advertising agencies and other independent producers & production houses. In today’s world be it an individual, product or service industry, everybody and each sector needs a promotion. And the only medium is a video or film whether it is for a commercial broadcast, internal and business circulation or over internet.

We continually keep a check in the quality of film productions to meet the national and International market and its standard. So as per industry demand we have progressed with YouTube and social media

Satyajit Sharma